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Businesses with the fever of handsome guys… Should we drink Kang Daniel’s beer or Jung Haein’s café?

Kang Daniel, a trending idol, has continually received offers from businesses.

Hite Jinro — appreciates hot guys namely Kang Daniel and Park Seojun.

Jeju Samdasoo, selects Lee Seung Gi to be its model... A marketing battle.

The fever of handsome guys is booming among businesses specializing in the circulation of goods. With the appearance of a variety of brands, there is a severe competition in the alcohol and beverages industry. As a result, they are putting their focus on the recruitment of trending idols, which leads to a battle among models accordingly. While Hite Jinro has 'Kang Daniel' as their beer representative, 'Park Seojun' with soju wine, a new face - Jeju Samdasoo features an actor and a singer — Lee Seung Gi. Also, Namyang, a milk company, selects the actor, Jung Haein to be its model of French Café.

On April 21st, one business in the industry revealed that it selected the actor, Jung Haein to be its new model for "French coffee". Nam Yang milk company says that with "the attraction as a Pitta nympha", Jung Haein suits its brand concept of French Café, that's the reason why he has been selected to be its model."

[T/N: Pitta nympha — a small and brightly colored passerine bird, also called "little forest angel" in Taiwan and "eight colored bird" in Japan, Taiwan, North Korea, and South Korea.]

Aimed at a type of canned café which is as delicious as that in professional coffee shops, French coffee, combined with various attractive traits of Jung Haein, has released three commercials with the theme of actions, fantasy and romance.

Together with IU, a senior model of this brand, Hite Jinro selected Park Seojun to be the model for chamisul wine and it is implementing marketing activities for this kind of wine. This corporation reveals that Park Seojun, with an image of a well-organized gentleman, suits the brand image, which is also an advantage in enhancing the level of popularity among female customers in their 20s and 30s.

Being the only business in the industry that recruits both male and female models, Hite Jinro is planning to extend its customer base by approaching deep into each class of customers as well as conducting advertising campaigns. On April 20th, the advertisement of IU and Park Seojun was broadcast on TV and some events to connect with customers are also planned to be conducted via a variety of means.

Through this advertising campaign, Hinte Jiro wants to put its emphasis on the start of cool feelings that can be found with Hite Extra Cold as well as reinforce the young and active brand image. With the slogan "You think it is just a normal kind of beer? Wanna COLD? EXTRA COLD!", the corporation strongly expresses their opinion that Extra Cold is undoubtedly the more appropriate choice when it comes to a kind of beer which carries the cool feeling to customers' mind and heart.

A recently broadcast commercial on TV was made with the concept of a specially created "ice drum". People say that they can feel cool and fresh when watching the enthusiastic performance with ice drums, which "not only satisfies their eyes and ears but also shows the typical feature of Extra Cold."

Kang Daniel attracted great attention when performing with drums, which expresses a fully fresher image than ever. Due to his lack of experience of playing drums to film this advertisement, he practiced hard despite his hectic schedule and therefore, he showed us a perfect performance.

Besides the TV advertisement, Hite Jinro intends to reveal diverse advertising contents by uploading practice videos of Kang Daniel as well as the production process of the ice drum on its official social networks.

The vice marketing manager of Hite Jinro, Mr.Oh Sung Taek shared "Our corporation would like to express a fresh and clever feeling when enjoying the cool taste of Extra Cold — a kind of beeer which is produced with minus temperatures right at the beginning and the attractive traits of Kang Daniel when playing drums well suit the brand image which is active and subtle".

Before them, Hite Jinro recruited Kang Daniel to be the brand model for Hite Extra Cold. According to this corporation, not only does Kang Daniel suit the young and clever brand image but this male model also enhances the connection among various ages.

Besides, Jeju Samdasoo drinking corporation invited the actor and singer, Lee Seunggi, to be its new brand model. The Supporting Committee for Jeju self-governing Province says that not only does the fresh and innocent image of Lee Seung Gi suit the brand image of a national kind of water, Samdasoo, but also thanks to Lee Seung Gi who is actively taking part in many activities with his healthy body after being discharged from military, Samdasoo will express its colorful attractive traits.

This year, Samdasoo together with Lee Seung Gi extend their business contacts with various types of customers. In addition to enhance the image of youth and activeness, this brand will ensure its position in the beverages industry. Today, Samdasoo revealed its first advertising campaign with Lee Seung Gi.

An employee in an advertising company reveals, "Handsome guys who possess the young and fresh image are gaining more popularity in the advertising industry which is always in need of new, young, and fresh models." and additionally, "Although businesses specializing in the circulation of goods are facing crisis, they still continue to deliver their invitations to the handsome male models due to the great benefits they can bring to the businesses."

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Source: Asia Economy published on 2018.04.21
English translation: PinkKang - Kang Daniel 1st Vietnamese Fanpage @pinkkangvn
Video and Photos: Hite

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