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Kang Daniel = The Nation’s Center… What great happiness it is to be a fan of a boy like you

[Gourmet man Wednesday* - Episode 8]

In this world, there are countless handsome men. Therefore, how happy we would be if we could just gather them together in one place to admire right? Every Wednesday, the "handsome man" chosen by OSEN will find his way to readers, from then opening up stories about boys who not only possess the finest appearances but also hold within them unique colors and personalities.

"Daniel does everything with excellence"

Each and every one of his actions are attention-grabbing — the 'trendiest' boy at this time. No matter what is said, it is impossible to deny the truth that that boy is a member of Wanna One — Kang Daniel. If only one year ago, he was simply a trainee with vibrant pink hair, then now, that boy has become a super star — extremely — very — really hot, not to be compared with any other.

Along with Park Seojun, Lee Seunggi, Yoo Jaesuk, Cha Seungwon, Ryu Junyeol, Park Bogum, and So Jisub, the 8th man to appear in "Gourmet man Wednesday" and certified by OSEN is Wanna One's permanent center — Kang Daniel. Let's indulge in Kang Daniel's limitless attractiveness together, shall we?

Kang Daniel is a young adult born on the 10th of December, 1996, meaning that he will be 23 this year. His first charm is the fact that he is a true Busan man — a man who can cause girls' hearts to flutter at the first word. His living in Busan until high school is also the reason as to why his satoori is so strongly imprinted in him.

And that, and nothing else, is Kang Daniel's most fatal charm. Completely contrasting with his well-built and tall body with his shoulders so broad, to the point that he is nicknamed "eokkae kkangpae" (gangster shoulders), he in fact retains the image of a big cuddly pet with his bright smile, and that every time he opens his mouth, words upon words of raspy Busan dialect pour out. It will not be an overstatement to say that he is, from head to toe, the compilation of completely opposing fascinations.

Embracing his dream to become a singer, Kang Daniel arrived in Seoul and experienced being a trainee at MMO Entertainment. Following that, the show "Produce 101 Season 2" which occurred last year, rotated his life completely at an 180° angle. Kang Daniel had completely flipped the "formula" which many people had stated before: "The center will be Jang Moonbok anyway."

Belonging in MMO — which many considered to be short for "malmano" (chatterbox) — along with Yoon Jisung, Joo Jinwoo, Kim Jaehan, and Choi Taewoong, Kang Daniel slowly began to attract viewers with his pink hair, 60cm shoulders, bright smile, and his Busan satoori when participating in "Produce 101".

Starting from 23rd place in 101 contestants and rising up to number 12 in the 3rd week, he performed a drastic jump to 5th place in the 4th week. After that, a fierce competition between him and Park Jihoon blew up; after reaching the 2nd spot, he fell down to the 8th spot in a short time, and then continued to claim the number one seat until the last minute, successfully debuting as Wanna One's center.

Kang Daniel is the member who receives the wholehearted support from noona fans. Because of him, perhaps for the first time in their lives, noonas began to familiarize themselves with voting via text, they began to purchase cosmetics unnecessarily to receive gifts, and even stopped their dieting habits to eat hamburgers which Kang Daniel had advertised for. Around us, it is not difficult to find a noona like so.

His seductive beauty when wearing full black and then performing his infamous thigh-swiping dance or the Samoyed cuteness which shines through whenever his face radiates with a smile seemingly causes fans to raise their hands and surrender their weapons upon seeing; also his masculinity while dancing and rapping on stage as the nation's center as well as his visuals when indifferent or when receiving love can be felt through each of his words which always carry a hint of Busan dialect. All of that combined make up Kang Daniel's fatal allure.

It's thanks to that that Kang Daniel has surpassed other popular sunbaes to climb up the top of the Personal Boy Group Reputation Chart for over 7 months consecutively. He is also voted for as the most loved commercial model by advertisement companies, and is currently continuing to create huge effects after debuting.

Aside from group activities with Wanna One, Kang Daniel has also expressed his plentiful abilities in the entertainment industry when participating in shows such as MBC's "Living Together in Empty Room", "It's Dangerous Beyond The Blankets", SBS's "Master Key", KBS2's "Happy Together", etc... Kang Daniel is really working hard in the role of the nation's center, taking the position of all the popular fields like singing, entertainment, and commercial.

Surely, the formula "Center = Kang Daniel" will be difficult to defeat in the long term. Going along with his current popularity, however, are destructive rumors or great responsibilities. Nonetheless, this 2018 will definitely become Kang Daniel's year as well.

[*T/N: The article title mimics the name of the broadcast "Gourmet food Wednesday"]


Source: OSEN published on 2018.03.28
English translation: PinkKang - Kang Daniel 1st Vietnamese Fanpage @pinkkangvn
Photos: Tropical Island. @tropical_1210, OSEN, Ivy Club, Mnet, YMC Entertainment


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