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Kang Daniel on Radio Star

Wanna One Kang Daniel, Ong Seongwu, Park Woojin to appear on “Radio Star”… entertainment talent is also a trend.

“Monster rookies” Wanna One will be making an appearance on MBC’s “Radio Star”

The Sports Seoul newspaper edition published on the 7th reported that the show’s representative had said, “Kang Daniel, Ong Seongwu, and Park Woojin are the members from Wanna One that will appear on Radio Star”, and that they also expressed their anticipation. “I’m really curious about them, they’ve already been able to show their appeals to the public through many reality shows, and I wonder how they’ll be able to show their humorous sides with MCs like Kim Gook Jin, Soon Jong Shin, Kim Gura, and Cha Tae-hyun.

The representative also revealed, “The show is expected to be shot on the coming 7th of March.”

These past months, Wanna One had been known as the group sprouted from Mnet’s “Produce 101 Season 2”, having participated in many music shows, award shows, and reality shows that allow them to show their personal talents and charms. Especially, Kang Daniel, Ong Seongwu, and Kim JaeHwan recently participated in MBC’s “Living together in an empty room”, exploding with cuteness through normal day-to-day images of themselves, making fans’ hearts flutter.

This upcoming appearance is receiving more attention as Wanna One has a special connection with MBC’s shows recently. Ong Seongwu has been chosen to be the new MC for MBC’s “Show! Music Core”, making people even more curious about the humor and entertainment ability that the three members will show [on “Radio Star”]. Many are also looking forward to Park Woojin as he hasn’t had much experience in reality shows, and are curious about how he will show his charms along with the veteran comedic MCs.

Besides, Wanna One has had their official debut last August. With their appearance and receiving almost all of the rookie awards, Wanna One has become the trendiest group. Wanna One is currently filming an MV and working hard to prepare for their comeback.

Source: Sports Seoul published on 2018.02.07

‘Radio Star’ Kang Daniel “Quit High School → Took an Ability Test → Entered an Online University”

Kang Daniel cleared up stories about his studying and dreams.

Big Bang Scungri along with Wanna One Ong Seongwu, Kang Daniel and Park Woojin appeared on MBC’s “Radio Star” broadcasted on March 21st.

Confronting the question related to his studying, Kang Daniel revealed: “Actually, I was not a very hard-working student. However, compared to what I’ve performed, the academic results were better than I thought. Maybe I am a little bit gifted in studying”. He added: “But in the end, I had to drop high school and laid feet on the path of a singer and went to Seoul. After I arrived in Seoul, while competing on Produce 101, I participated in an ability test and then entered an online university”.

On that day, Kang Daniel also directly explained the rumors related to himself such as being thought as a foreigner, rumors of being expelled from high school, etc. He explained: “Because of my name, people usually think that I’m a foreigner, but it’s not like that. I’m originally from Busan. Before I changed my name, it was Kang Eui Geon”. He said he read the Bible and chose a new name himself. About the rumor of being expelled from high school, he revealed: “In junior high, I started to have a passion for B-Boy, I was dancing all the time. So, I finally got into an art school very naturally. But at that time, my mother brought me up herself so the expensive registration fee became a huge burden. Because I didn’t intend to go to university, I decided to drop high school”.

Source: Sports Chosun published on 2018.03.21

‘Radio Star’ – Wanna One Kang Daniel “I feel so happy to show my gratitude to my parents after receiving my salary”

In the program ‘Radio Star’ broadcast on March 21st, being asked by the MC, Kang Daniel shared “Right after I received my salary, I gave it to my mother.”

He also said “My parents got divorced when I was young and since then, I have grown up with my mother. Because I have been so busy lately, my father couldn’t contact me and therefore, he contacted my mother. He said that he was suffering from toothache but he could not afford to have a treatment. Hearing about this from my mom, I sent him money and told my mom to send him double. My father conveyed his appreciation to me, which made me very proud of.”

Source: My Daily published on 2018.03.22


English translations: PinkKang – Kang Daniel 1st Vietnamese Fanpage @pinkkangvn
Photo: MBC Entertainment


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