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Kang Daniel’s Top 10 Most Watched Videos

As of May 13, eight videos of Kang Daniel have surpassed more than 10 million views in Naver TV. Six of his top ten most watched videos are dance performance focus cams (Get Ugly, Open Up, Sorry Sorry, Burn it Up, Energetic, and Boomerang), proving his title as the Focus Cam / Fancam Master.


TOP 10.

Special Video – Kang Daniel on It’s Dangerous Beyond the Blankets

Naver Views: 5,563,987+
Release Date: 2018.03.08



TOP 9.

Boomerang Direct Cam – Music Bank

Naver Views: 7,429,916+
Youtube Views: 12,264+
Release Date: 2017.04.02
Naver link: *not available in certain countries



TOP 8.

Special Video – Kang Daniel on King of Mask Singer

Naver Views: 10,158,127+
Release Date: 2018.03.09



TOP 7.

Davichi – Days Without You MV

Naver Views: 10,595,650+
Youtube Views: 6,705,235+
Release Date: 2018.01.25
Naver link:



TOP 6.

Wanna One Go Teaser # 11 – Kang Daniel

Naver Views: 11,022,016+
Youtube Views: 492,470+
Release Date: 2017.07.26
Naver link:



TOP 5.

Open Up Direct Cam – Produce 101 Season 2 Concept Evaluation

Naver Views: 11,369,478+
Youtube Views: 1,790,890+
Release Date: 2017.06.06
Naver Link:



TOP 4.

Super Junior’s Sorry Sorry Direct Cam – Produce 101 Season 2 Group Battle

Naver Views: 11,605,423+
Youtube Views: 1,391,328+
Release Date: 2017.04.24
Naver Link:



TOP 3.

Burn it Up Direct Cam – Wanna One M Countdown Debut Stage

Naver Views: 11,985,577+
Youtube Views: 550,110+
Release Date: 2017.08.11
Naver Link:



TOP 2.

Energetic Direct Cam – Wanna One M Countdown Debut Stage

Naver Views: 12,008,719+
Youtube Views: 547,876+
Release Date: 2017.08.11
Naver link:



TOP 1.

Jason Derulo’s Get Ugly Direct Cam – Produce 101 Season 2 Dance Position Evaluation

Naver Views: 13,139,705+
Youtube Views: 2,123,186+
Release Date: 2017.05.16
Naver link:




Kang Daniel B-Boying to save lives
Naver link:



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