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One: The World in Seoul – Kang Daniel’s Ending Ment (3 Days)

2018.06.01 (Day 1)

“Firstly, the first concert today was really regretful for me. I… I’m sorry for having made so many mistakes today… I was really sorry. Because… since the opening during Burn It Up, I’ve slipped once or twice, and fell down during my solo dance, and it kept happening like so…

We’ve spent quite a lot of time preparing for the concert, but I wasn’t able to deliver a satisfactory image to Wannables, I’m so sorry. Really.

Ah… And! Firstly, I’m sorry… Today’s concert is the first revelation for X-CON and you’ve watched our members’ unit stages, right? While watching these unit stages, I somehow also felt the same as Wannables. Like… I’m (a part of Wanna One), but I got to understand how Wanna One is; I felt that each of us 11 members was able to show a lot of endless varieties of images, and there is so much potential as well.

I want to assure Wannables. Please love Wanna One a lot in the future. Because I think there are still a lot of us that we have yet to show you. A lot… Thank you so much for coming here today. Yes… Thank you!”


2018.06.02 (Day 2)

“Yes… It’s been the second concert day.

Hm… Today’s show was kinda short compared to yesterday’s.

You’ve been going along with us through X-CON and Wanna One GO, and it’s been a considerably long time with Wannables, but I still feel a bit regretful that it was such a short time today.

Even so, we’ve done a lot of stages, all of what we did…

Yesterday I made mistakes in some choreography, and today was even worse, it was almost freestyling. At the end I… was just tripping and was in a panic so I just freestyled it… I felt so guilty for that and felt a sense of shame but…

Aside from that, we’re always… I thought that I danced for myself. Until now, I’ve been doing what I want for myself and at some point my target is Wannables. Whenever I did anything, although it’s good that I myself am satisfied with it, there are still a lot of people who enjoy it more, so I’m really really thankful.

And today is also a special day, for it’s the middle concert and also our 300th day after debut. Thank you so much Wannables who had come here with us, making such special memories like this. Thank you so so much, and I will engrave this precious day in my heart. Thank you. And I almost forgot but tomorrow is the last concert, so it’s gonna be the most fun. Ahahaha I’m kidding.”


2018.06.03 (Day 3)

“Ah… It’s hard… What should I say…

Firstly, during these three days, it’s not only us who worked hard to make these concerts happen, but also thanks to the help of so many staff, from makeup, to hair, and our stylists, staff, so many people… And to the PDs, I want to say that thank you so much first and foremost.

And I was so surprised that there were so many people who came after making the concerts sold out in ten minutes. Really. To be honest I watched the ticketing in real time. I watched it and it was really… ah… like when I was in elementary school, or middle school… I just had no memories up to middle school… the seats just disappeared at the speed of me running at lunch time, just going like a bulldozer and then got sold out, and I was like wow our Wannables are really amazing. Thank you so much.

And our members had worked really hard for these stages. This is the 4th album. The 3rd album was somewhat a letdown, to myself. I somehow felt the limitations there. I thought maybe that’s all we could come up with, it couldn’t be helped, but that was my fault (for thinking that). Wanna One had been created (by you guys), so rather than (thinking) about my faults, I wonder if it’d be better if I show you just a little better image, deliver better music. I just thought so, and I wonder if the strength came from there. And so for this special album, we had a lot of ideas for each unit… and support from the producers, so really cool tracks were created. Every time Wannables like (our songs) and say “Ah- the song is so good” or “Wanna One let’s be successful with the song this time”, I feel very touched and also very thankful.

And our World Tour! Hm… We’ll come back safely. We’ll be really careful… Because it’s for Wannables in the whole world. Korean Wannables, as well as Wannables in the whole world… Every Wannable is so lovely and we know that you’ve been waiting for us for so long, so we’ll go and come back safely. Yes and I love you mom.”


Photo: Dispatch Korea
: able ❤에이블 @able_kangdaniel
English translation: ㅡ ㅡ. ? 사랑한다니엘 @incessantbeat
*Might contain inaccuracies


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