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What’s special about Wanna One’s Kang Daniel’s makeup style? Even tints are sold out.

This is the age where even men are not afraid to invest in their appearances. The amount of "men who don't mind money to invest in their looks" is increasing and along with that, teenagers and males in their 20s are also looking for their ideal type in terms of looks.

Representative of this "ideal type", someone with a strong influence among men these days, one simply must mention Wanna One's Kang Daniel. Why? Because Kang Daniel is nicknamed as the "Sold out Idol" as the products which he has been known to use even during Produce 101 before his debut have all sold out.

In Produce 101, Kang Daniel appeared with a dark red tint lipstick and gathered everyone's attention. The product which Kang Daniel used, immediately after the episode was broadcasted, reached a peak in its sales in that period with an increase of over 55%.

Businesses know Kang Daniel's influence and thus all choose him to be their brand model. Kang Daniel is able to make all the products which he uses increase their sales and as a result, has received countless calls from large cosmetic companies to invite him to be their brand model.

So what is the reason as to why Kang Daniel's makeup style has become a hot topic among so many other idols' makeup styles? This has been judged based on the fact that Kang Daniel has shown his contrasting charms through two images: 1) the bright and youthful image with a light and natural makeup look or even no makeup at all in entertainment shows, reality shows, and 2) the seductive and strong look with a special makeup style that emphasizes his eyes while on stage.

Groups these days are increasing one by one and along with that, makeup styles are seeing many changes. Rather than placing strong emphasis on facial features or contouring to emphasize the masculinity of one's face, makeup artists are trying to focus more on a bright and young image with a pastel palette. Kang Daniel has also built his own image with colorful eyeshadow with dark eyeliner to contour and highlight the shape of his eyes.

There have been many people who have adopted this makeup style of his. If you search up keywords like "Kang Daniel's makeup style" or "Kang Daniel makeup" on Youtube, over 15,700 results will show up.

Is it that many people are also curious about Kang Daniel's makeup routine or about how to show the image of the Pitta Nympha (a colorful bird breed) like him?

We are all anticipating what images Wanna One's Kang Daniel will show as the "ideal model" for males.


Source: SportsQ published on 2018.04.18
English translation: PinkKang - Kang Daniel 1st Vietnamese Fanpage @pinkkangvn
Photos: unlimited @unlimited_dn , mmm ; make me move @makememove_dn


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